Terms and conditions


These terms apply to all artwork sales between artist Youri Visser-Benazeraf (the “Artist”) and the purchaser (the “Purchaser”) and must be considered as the agreement between the parties. Each artwork (the “Work”) is unique unless otherwise specified (for prints when available).

Sale: Artist hereby sells or transfers the Work to Purchaser at the agreed value in written form.

Payment: Ownership of the Work will only pass from the Artist to Purchaser on receipt of payment in full. The Work will not be sent to the Purchaser until the agreed payment amount has been received.

Copyright & reproduction: Artist retains full copyright and reproduction rights of the Work unless otherwise stated. Artist also retains full copyright for any preliminary designs and incidental works made in the creation of the artwork. Work may not be reproduced, sold or used for any profitable purpose without the expressed written permission by the Artist.

Marketing & promotion: Artist may use any images of the Work sold for promotional purposes, including any images shared by Purchaser themselves, directly or via any social media platforms.

Shipping: Artist and Purchaser will negotiate on which party will pay costs and expenses, including insurance, for the packing and shipping of the Work for delivery to the Purchaser. Shipping is available worldwide from tel-Aviv (Israel). Prices do not include Import Duty in Purchaser country or VAT (if any).

Address notice: Purchaser is responsible for insuring that their contact details are true and correct. Either party shall notify the other party in case of change of address prior to such change.

Damages, theft & misplacement: Artist is not responsible for any damages made to the Work except for those inflicted at the fault of the Artist or during the Artist’s possession.  Artist will contact the Purchaser should this occur. Artist is also not responsible for any theft or misplacement of the Work. Artist will ensure packaging of the Work is safe and secure, and will provide postage and tracking details to the Purchaser once the Work has been posted. Purchaser accepts all possible risks once the parties reached an agreement and payment was made. If damages have occurred, Purchaser must notify the Artist within seven (7) days of receiving the Work, and must provide evidence of said damages. If the Work has been damaged and if additionally this damage is attributable to the Artist, but the Purchaser wants to keep the Work, the Artist will refund 50% of the full amount back to the Purchaser or as negotiated. Any damages, loss or misplacement caused at the fault of the Purchaser or during the Purchaser’s possession will not be refunded.

Notice of exhibition: Before committing the Work to a show, Purchaser must give Artist notice of intent to do so, telling the Artist all the details of the show that Purchaser then knows.

Non-destruction: Purchaser will not permit any intentional destruction, damage or modification to the Work.

Refund policy: If the Purchaser is unsatisfied with the Work for an appropriate reason, they must contact the Artist within seven (7) days of receiving the Work - this is valid only for prints or artworks that are neither unique nor “made to order” (commissioned). Disliking the Work or change of mind are not considered for a refund and cannot be returned. The Purchaser must state if they want a full refund or an alternative replacement. The Purchaser will have thirty (30) days to send the Work back to the Artist, otherwise a refund will not be made. The Purchaser must return the Work in original packaging with all documents, including this Agreement and invoice. Postage/shipping costs and expenses will be paid by the Purchaser. The refund will be paid back in full to the Purchaser at the discretion of the Artist once the Work has been received and in the described condition.

SECURED PAYMENTS - The available payment methods are: Paypal wire transfer or Stripe.


Yourivb.com commits to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/279 (“GDPR”).

Purposes: your information may be collected and processed for the purpose of purchasing an artwork and delivering it, interacting (by emails or on social media) or when subscribing to the newsletter.

Legal grounds: the processing activities are always based on legal grounds which are mainly the contract performance, the legitimate interest, a legal obligation or your prior consent.

Categories of personal data: the categories of data that might be collected and processed regarding the above-listed activities are the following:
  • Your details (name, surname, email address, shipping address)
  • The payment method chosen to purchase an artwork;
  • Any conversation content

Newsletter: you can unsubscribe to the newsletter (newsletters, partner offers, artist proposals, etc.) at any time by answering to any email received as follows: “please unsubscribe me now”, or by clicking to the inscription link at the bottom of the newsletter when available.

Storage duration : any information collected will only be retained as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it was collected, always in compliance with the data minimization principle. If your personal information is used for more than one purpose, it will be retained until the purpose with the longest period expires, but it will not be used for the purpose with the shorter period anymore, as soon as such a shorter period expires (to comply with the purpose limitation principle). Access to your personal data is restricted to the persons who need to use it for the relevant purpose(s), always in compliance with the integrity and confidentiality principles.

Sometimes it is required to keep your personal information for legal, tax or statutory reasons (e.g., for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending against legal claims), or for other legitimate business reasons. This may go up to ten years according to local specificities and business needs.

Disclosure of your personal information : your personal data may be shared with third parties suppliers under the following circumstances:

-   it is necessary to operate the website, e.g., technical service providers;

-   it is necessary to provide you with the services, e.g., payment processors, logistics/shipping companies;

-   it is necessary for the business, e.g., professional and legal advisors,

-    if you provided your explicit prior consent.

Your data subject’s rights: under GDPR and as a “data subject” located in the EEA, you have various rights in relation to your personal information, e.g., the right to be informed, to deletion, to correction, to restriction of the processing, to data portability, to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, to withdraw your consent, and to object to particular data processing activities. If you have any questions about it, or if you want to exercise one/several of them, please send an email at yourivb@gmail.com.